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SelfMade Est


February 17, 1988 I was born Caderra D Wallace to Richard E Allen and Patrice L Wallace both of Shelby, MS. SelfMade Est was discovered by Curtis Brown as a teen the story of a rapper overcoming many obstacles to reach success is one that has been told many times before. While I respect anyone who overcomes adversity to reach their goals, SelfMade has a rather unique journey in the world of hip hop as an upcoming artist I plan on becoming successful loyal honest and committed to what I do best as a artist composer and writer with mad skills after growing a bigger following. Caderra Wallace Known as SelfMade discovered the name SelfMade was common and used by many so that’s when the name SelfMade EST came about after getting established as a artist and business man.The name to be considered by someone who work ethnic is like no other. SelfMade EST has proved throughout his career giving up is not a option alone with his saying success has no destination. As a artist with ASCAP author composer publisher arranger and producer I plan on farther my career to its heights also being a student at full sail I plan to learn more listen and take my experiences with fullsaill and apply them to my career in the music word. SelfMade Est has hit many stages and showed his stage performance and professional skills and versatility also with the help Tyrone Gibson which is the oldest brother superstar and famous r&b singer Tyreses Gibson. SelfMade has also been adopted by Las Vegas New Music Mondays which in 2022 he won and award for best male hip hop artist giving by Wong Lorene. His solid background has shown he’s in it to win it and feel like there’s know destination for success and the sky is the limit. You name it he’s done it performances in many places like Dallas Texas Atlanta Knoxville Tn Memphis Tn and many other places. When SelfMade Est popped out with his Afro Beat Song in April It charted #1 for three weeks in the Caribbeans and Virgin Island who was advised by Michael Conklin. Two years on Time Square Billboard after being discovered by Skywards Hagins and who first heard SelfMade Est and put him on many other platforms. After Dany Lopez of Belgium Europe heard SelfMade Est he played his music on GPK Radio station building his fan base in Europe. The list goes on and on As of now this artist is still rising and destined for greatness it’s for sure set in stones he will rise to the top.


Picture Perfect Music Group has become a new Record Label from Mississippi, and he has signed himself to his own label SelfMade Est. Picture Perfect Music Group & Urban Alliance Entertainment has parntered up to do a Label Deal together.