Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Henry Franck permanently moved to Brooklyn, NY, where he began developing his love for music, mainly as a producer. After completing his active-duty term in 2014, he then relocated back to Florida, where he began gaining valuable experience as a securities trader, an artist manager and a graphic designer. Over the past few years, Henry has developed a strong passion for graphic designs, which ultimately led him to transfer those skills to the fashion industry. In 2021, he looked for effective ways to complement his new music endeavor, this time as an artist. That's when he started exploring the idea of starting a lifestyle fashion brand. So, he got to launch Franc d'Or Collection, his own footwear and apparel company. 


And now, as an artist, producer, DJ, songwriter, and designer, Henry got his influences from the likes of Timberland, Scott Storch, Zaytoven, Mustard, David Guetta and Pharell. He is keen on fusing his Caribbean cultural background sounds with multiple elements across Hip Hop and R&B genres. As he is completing his MBA in Finance, before pursuing his Doctorate in Business Administration, Henry wants to share his musical mind and fusion theory to the world through his production.




Fashion Brand: