About Flowers:

Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light. Shining brightly from the Mecca of Hip Hop is the
EmCee, Flowers!. Lyrically, he illuminates the origin and history of Hip Hop beyond the façade of
what has become. Every verse brings with it a true to life testimony that you will only visualize
through the music of Flowers!. He was around nine years old when his big brother, Bam (aka
Afrika Bambaataa), started allowing little Flowers! to tag along with him and his friends around the
local music circuit. Initially aspiring to be a DJ; but quickly changed his mind after attending a
performance at Evander Childs High School Field. There he saw one of the greatest EmCees of
all time, Melle Mel. Flowers! related to not only the words; but everything that Mel did. He said, “I
can do that!” and soon Flowers! found comfort and success in rhyme.
The name “Flour” came with a past life; which the reformed hustler denounced following the death
of a very special friend. His mentally challenged friend became addicted to cocaine. With his
addiction spiraling out of control, his friend asked his mother for $10.00 one morning to buy drugs.
When she refused, he brutally stabbed her to death. Facing a murder charge and unable to cope
with what he had done; he later hung himself in jail. Immediately, that game was over for Flour
whose name had already created a buzz throughout the city. Personally feeling the negative
effects of drugs in the urban community, he chose to turn a negative into a positive. He kept the
pronunciation of his name; but changes the spelling. In his own words, “I had taken a life selling
that junk and I am done with that part of my life. Now, I give life back through my music; just as
trees, plants and flowers do for us human. We cannot survive without those essential things”.
Then, “Flowers!” was born.

When asked who his musical influences are, there is no surprise that first on the list is his big
brother, Afrika Bambaataa and the Universal Zulu Nation. Others included Pow Wow, Globe, Dot-
A-Rock, Rodney-C, KRS-One, Glostface Killah, Raekwon, Nas, The God Rakim Allah, and Lyricist
of the Nature just to name a few. Flowers! Has graced the stage with many greats including

GrandMaster Flash & the Furious 5, Mob Deep, Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, George Clinton &
Parliament, Whodini and Horace Brown. Flowers! Has also written for many artists such as Men
of Vision, Doc Ice, BlackStreet, Angie Stone, UTFO and Whodini. What makes Flowers! different
from the rest? He says, “The game itself makes me different. Everyone sounds the same.
Saying the same things and singing the same songs. It has even come to people hiring writers
and spitting other people’s so-called gangster. I think way outside of the box and you can feel that
in my music”. What Flowers! brings to the industry is definitely what is missing -- the REALISM.
He brings the true essence of Hip-Hop that corporate America has taken and replaced with the
face of drugs, sex, violence, corruption and the love of money. Flowers! presents the world with
straight music with real feelings…. True Hip-Hop.