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Yentl B

Hi, I'm Yentl Bianca born and raised in savannah ga I'm 16 years old i went to Hodge elementary school and i also went to Derenne middle school my love for music started when my mother used to sing going to her studio. Now it is my turn. Watching other artists and singing their songs I soon said this is what I want to do. Now that I fulfilled my dream. I want to go hard with my music. I Plan on making my career big and go far. 


I released YEN my Ep in 2021. It's on all platforms with the numbers still rising. More music is on the way. A Lot of creators have inspired me to be better and be more than just a singer in life and to be more. Being humble has got me in a good place. With growing up and being with a good family I have the support I need to continue. I want to thank them for believing in me.