I have been in the business for 20 years, a vet to the industry and currently over 6 companies, im a music producer and also a recording artist, some of my production credits are, (Hoop n yo face) 69 Boyz 1996 went double platinum On the Sunset Park Sound Track / Rated R Good Lovin Track (Universal Records) / Its time to Rideout 1995 (500.000) Certificate Gold to date) 15 weeks on billboard,, and The Artist Venus currently signed to Roc Nation through Hittsquad Music Ceo Mike Fresh and many other florida acts and songs that did well in the south east region. I am also a graphic designer web designer and internet promoter for many media facets, I also do media blast for music and models to over 20.000 contacts.So feel free to leave a email or inbox me here for your promo needs.Love and peace and may God bless you forever. And I have partnered up with Urban Alliance Music Group for Marketing & Music Promotion also Acquired Distribution thur Urban Alliance Music Group.