Dario Brooklyn

Well it all started when Dario Brooklyn was just hanggin with his friends back in brooklyn ny they was always goin to the studio to record songs they wanted to put out just to get a name well Dario Brooklyn went with them one time an that was all it took his friend ask him to sing something for him an he did an they love it ...so they as him to do a hook on a song for them well Dario wrote his first hook back in 2005 an then he was know as the hook guy...he did some hooks with artists such as young rida..mr magnum ...cajie ..young pove jlynn he then move down south to further his style an hook up with florida boy Dooley Mac an R&B killer Jermayn aka yeeah Jermayn..  Dario Brooklyn then released his first single THE  year 2013 this will be his first single bein released from the lable pop off ent base out of orlando florida...Dario is also workin on his first album wich will have clabo such as dooley mack an yeeah jermayn also dario is workin with new up an commin rapper off the great mr cheeks lable chaz money from mob msica...Dario Brooklyn will give u guys the R&B songs that u guys love such as baby makein love an club banggers that u can dance an just vibe to he also promise to not let down his fans Dario also would like his fans to know that he is not doin this for the money an fame he is doing it bc this is what he loves to do ....so bye sayin that be on the look out for Dario Brooklyn new up an commin R&B monster        ………ASLO DARIO BROOKLYN HAS  A NEW SINGLE OUT CALL WITNESSES FEAT NINO BROWN FROM DJ KHALID LABLE WE THE BEST MUSIC GROUP ……NEW SINGLE OUT RIGHT NOW DARIO BROOKLYN FEAT T RELL FROM NELLYS LABEL DIRTY ENT  CALL JUSTICE GO GET IT ITS ON ALL PLATFORMS…….DARIO BROOKLYN   ITS A DB THINGS U WOULDNT UNDERSTAND